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Biophysics of Photosynthesis: from molecules to the field



Anno: 2021
Collana: Atti dei Convegni Lincei
ISBN: 9788821812125
ISSN: 0391-805X
Pp.: 137 17×24



Comitato Ordinatore
R. Bassi, R. Jennings, G. Forti, A. Pinnola – Introduction
G. Forti – Why biophysics is crucial for research in photosynthesis
R.C. Jennings, E. Belgio, G. Zucchelli – Photosystem I, when excited in the chlorophyll Qy absorption band, feeds on negative entropy
E. Cignoni, L. Cupellini, M. Lapillo, B. Mennucci – Which is the quenching mechanism active in light-harvesting complexes of plants? An investigation based on multiscale simulations
Z. Liu – Light harvesting in plants and green algae: supramolecular insights from structural studies
T. Polívka, F. Saccon, M. Durchan, C.D.P. Duffy, A.V. Ruban – Optimizing light-harvesting and photoprotective functions by tuning carotenoid-chlorophyll energy transfer
Z. Guardini, R. Caferri, M. Bressan, S. Cazzaniga, R. Bassi, L. Dall’Osto – Identification of energy dissipative catalytic sites within light harvesting antenna proteins of plant Photosystem II
D. dal Bo, G. Curien, G. Finazzi – Electron fluxes in photosynthetic microalgae
F. Miglietta, R. Bright, G. Alberti, G. Tagliaferri, L. Genesio – Chlorophyll-deficient crops: photosynthesis, yields and shortwave radiative forcing
A. Kanazawa, D.M. Kramer – Bioprospecting for rapid photosynthetic regulation in the wild
C. Pozzi, F. Salamini – Considerations and conclusions mainly related to field applications on engineering plant photosynthesis


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