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Florence 1966-2016 resilience art of cities to natural catastrophes: the role of academies



Anno: 2017
Argomento: Ambiente
Collana: Atti dei Convegni Lincei
Vol. 315
ISBN: 978-88-218-1157-9
ISSN: 0391-805X
Pp.: 356 17×24




A. QUADRIO CURZIO – Introduction
E. BRUGNOLI – Resilience of the art cities to natural catastrophes: the national and international context
G. LOSCHL – Engineering strategies of enhancing the resilience of art cities of art floods
V. MURRAY, R. MAINI, N. ELTINAY – Cultural heritage science and technology and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030
D. FRANCESCHI – On the role of the Governments
M. PRIMICERIO – Florence 2016: presentation of the activity in the 50th anniversary of the 1966 flood
I. SERAGELDIN – On the economic value of cultural assets: reflections with special reference to the case of historic cities in the less developed countries
M. CIATTI – The flood and the conservation of works of art: from disaster to new opportunities
G.E. GALLOWAY, G. BLOSCHL, M. GARCIA, A. MONTANARI, G. SEMINARA, L. SOLARI – Final report of the international technical and scientific committee (ITSC) of Florence 2016 on the protection of Florence from flooding
A. MONTANARI, M. GRASSI, M. BARNI, C. GIACHI, C. ACIDINI, M.H. GARCíA – Round Table: Open issues emerging from the ITSC report, Chair GIORGIO FEDERICI
D. GONZALEZ COURET – Urban resilience in Cuba. Art cities and hurricanes
J. PODANY – Contents fragile! Earthquake damage mitigation for museum collection and the role of Science Academies in advancing this effort
E. ROGOZHIN – Seismic hazard assessment for Kaliningrad city in detailed scale
R.B. SINGH, A. KUMAR – Disaster risk reduction in heritage and cultural cities of India: role of science-policy-community interface
T. OKUBO – Proposal on utilization of historic water resources and open spaces in Rome for disaster risk management with lessons learned from Nepal Gorkha Earthquake
A. RINALDO – The resilience of Venice. Lessons from the coevolution of built and natural environments
V. MARCHEZINI, R. TRAJBER – Early warning systems and resilience of cities of art: : bridging culture, education and citizen science
P. MATTHIAE – The resilience of the most ancient art cities to flood and crisis: the basic principles for their rebirth
I. ALVARADO SIZZO – Risk management and natural hazards in Mexican pre-hispanic archaeological sites
A. DELIVORRIAS – The underestimated political factor in protecting cultural heritage
J.C.E. ADANDÉ – Resilience of art cities to natural catastrophes
M. TORELLI – Pompeii, death and rebirth: a chapter in European cultural history
G. SEMINARA – The charter of Rome on the resilience of art cities to natural catastrophes


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